The iSeries Object Manager (IOM) Application.
The iSeries Object Manager (IOM) was developed about 10 years ago. It was originally meant to make it possible to find spool files accross the entire system. The company I was working for had 1,000's of output queues/printers. We would have users calling us to reprint a document (like an invoice), but they would not know where it printed from. With this tool, we could find spool files by a number of attributes no matter where it was. During the development, I realized that the same/similar searches could be utilized for other types of objects. Hence IOM was born. It not only allows you to find an object, but it allows you to manipulate them. You can setup custom options (like you can in PDM) to do whatever you need.
Unfortunatly before I could finish this project, life happened and I had to shelve it. What is avaliable on this website is where I left off, I intend to actually finish it in the next few months (it's not too far from being finished). Being beta software, it's not perfect. So any input you can give me will be appreciated.
For now, I'm giving the object version away for free and selling the source for $129.99. Once the final version is shipped, I will be charging for the objects as well.
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iSeries Object Manager (IOM) - Software Application V1.0 beta 2 is now available!
You can download this version now for FREE. I have decided to make the iSeries Object Manager (IOM) available to everyone for FREE!
This means that is now user supported. I will continue to to support it VIA the web (as best I can). You can also now purchase the source code for just $129.99.
If you wish to download a copy of the documentation, you may do so here.
The iSeries Object Manager is meant to provide a single application to manage any/all objects/members/spool files on your i5 system.
Some features include:
  1. Find spool files in any output queue anywhere on your system.
  2. Find source members in any file anywhere on your system.
  3. Find any object anywhere on your system.
  4. Manipulate objects using PDM like options.
  5. Online help for all included programs.
  6. Mouse support on all screens.
  7. IOM option logging.
  8. Fully customizable function keys.
  9. Customizable colors.
  10. 80 & 132 Column support.
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Find Spool Files
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